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Hey friends, If you have not gotten your hands on the book Girl Wash your Face by Rachel Hollis, stop what you are doing, and order it. Period.  It will be a great investment and you will enjoy it.

If reading books isn’t something that you have time for, there are other alternatives.  I personally don’t have the patience to sit and read a book, however, as long as I am not crunching numbers, or paying bills, I am usually listening to something amazing from my phone. Thank goodness for Audible! Audio books are the perfect solution when a person is driving, walking, gardening, crafting, you name it.  Another great way to listen to it is by renting it online from the local library thru Overdrive  and it can be rented via e-book or audio.  There will more than likely be a long waitlist, but it will be worth it.

Rachel Hollis has been a household name for quite some time.  Her book Girl Was Your Face was released February 2018, and quickly became a number 1 New York Times best seller.   A friend of mine told me about her movie Made for More that was released last summer, and again in theaters last month, and it was then that I decided to look into her books and podcasts.  I immediately looked her up on Audible, and purchased the best seller.

HOLY COW!!!   Her story is amazing and I could NOT quit listening to it.  She definitely has a gift.

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There are many quotes that could be mentioned here, but there is one that really hit home.

“Someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business!”

Come on, if that doesn’t get a person to think.  When I heard that quote, I stopped, and hit rewind.  I listened to it two or three times.  How true is that?  I have ALWAYS worried what other people think of me.  Seriously, when that was played over and over and over, it was time to own it.  Life is too short to live in fear of other peoples opinions. AMEN!

Rachel hits on so many topics in her book, all based on lies of what we often think.  I do wish her book was around when I was a new mother, but she was in grade school when I had my first child.

There are definitely a few things that will be taken away from this book and carry over into my life.  I will also be looking forward to her new book Girl Stop Apologizing that will be released in March.

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