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Remember having Valentines parties in grade school?   I loved those parties as much as Christmas parties.  I loved the creative part of making the Valentine boxes that our classmates would fill with special Valentines.  And I especially loved the big day when we got to take the crafted boxes to our desk so we could go thru every envelope.  Back in the 70’s not everyone gave candy in their valentines envelops, so I remember opening those  last knowing they had something special in them.

I loved carrying on the tradition with my children when they were in grade school, but guess what?  The kids get older and the Valentine’s parties don’t exist in my season of life anymore.  I have to admit, I miss those days with my kids.

Now that I don’t have kids in grade school to do those fun parties, because they are teenagers and young adults,  I decided to get creative.

I wanted to come up with a fun activity for our high school and college girls so I came up with a cupcake bar.  The girls also invited a couple friends and they all had a great time decorating cupcakes.

If you are hosting a gathering soon, whether it is a Valentine’s party, a birthday, or even a get together with friends, sledding and playing in the snow, a cupcake bar is definitely a great way to treat your guests with a fun and popular trend.  It is easy to put together with very little effort.

I baked the cupcakes ahead of time and had them cooled before everyone arrived. I then decorated the area with a cute theme.  In this case, I decorated it with a Valentine’s theme.  The possibilities are endless.

As far as frosting, I cheated big time.  I went to the local bakery and purchased a couple pounds of frosting (a pound of white and a pound of pink). Yes, I know, frosting is easy to make, but honestly, it isn’t that much money to buy it from the bakery.

I designed and printed a cupcake bar sign that i threw in a chippy white frame along with cute little tent cards and placed them around all the candies and sprinkles for the display.  It turned out so adorable, I would have loved to keep it up for a few days.

Because I designed the downloadable print and tent cards, I wanted to share it with all of my readers.

This cupcake bar printable collection is a 10 page instant downloadable publication that includes:

  • 2 hi-res prints (5×7 and 8×10)
  • 12 pre-designed foldable tent cards
  • Full Color images for set up display ideas
  • A complete full page list of cupcake bar ingredient ideas

All you need to do is, Print, Trim, and Display!




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