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I am the budget friendly farmhouse DIY Expert that helps you turn your house into a home that you absolutely LOVE.

In the blog, I help you walk away with inspirational farmhouse ideas, teaching you how to DIY decor, AND give you resources on where to purchase beautiful decor items, so that you can walk into your home and love every part of it!

Aside from photography, Russ and I love finding junk at vintage markets, antique stores, flea markets, and auctions, then re-purposing the pieces we find.  I would call us pickers.  Our girls just think we are hoarders.

A couple of years ago, Russ and I built our dream shop, which we have nicknamed “The Damn Shop”.  At that point, that is where Montana Vintage Market came to be.

We opened up an Etsy store selling barnwood crosses from reclaimed lumber, vintage wine shelves from old wine crates, beautiful signs, ornaments, and magnets.  Since then, we have rented a booth at a local antique store, and this last fall we set up at our first few vintage markets where we sell flip our  products on Etsy, our vintage finds, and  barnwood furniture and decor that Russ makes.

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